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Fair Trade and Sustainable Singing Bowls

Why it is so important to offer a fair trade singing bowl to the world?

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew the origin and circumstance of every product we purchased?

Of course, the cost of fair trade products is generally higher than similar products on today’s global market. You get what you pay for. By giving our workers a fair price for their labor and a safe and clean environment to work in, they return this mindfulness by taking pride in their work.  Because of this relationship, our workers pay closer attention to their craft and this results in a far superior product.

True to the ideals of fair trade and sustainability, our workers are able to minimize the environmental impact of this traditional manufacturing process. We are able to eliminate waste by using the best quality metals and by recycling any metal byproducts onsite.

The Zen bowls represent the fruition of an ideal for us. Intention is a massive part of sound healing, and our intention was to provide for you singing bowls with a conscience.

The Zen bowls impact goes further than the therapist and client. Fair trade means the artisans who make our bowls are given the economic boost that resounds through the communities in which they live.



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