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Introduction to Vibrational Sound Therapy

The healing power of sound is one of the first natural methods of healing. The soothing nature of the sound of singing bowls draws our focus and quiets our minds. The pure and gentle vibrations are renowned for the deep relaxation they provide. Sound waves vibrate through the body like ripples on a pond and slow our brainwaves inducing a deep and meditative like state of being.

The Vibrational Sound Therapy modality combines these notions into a system focused on the deep penetrating vibrational properties of the Zen singing bowls. The Zen Therapeutic singing bowls separate themselves from traditional Tibetan singing bowls by having the Vibration as the focus. Engineered for sustain, the Zen Therapeutic singing bowls feature unparalleled vibration lasting far longer than all but the finest of traditional Tibetan singing bowls.

During a Vibrational Sound Therapy session the Zen Therapeutic singing bowls are placed directly on the client’s body. The bowls come in a variety of sizes and weights that can be used to provide direct vibrational therapy. The various bowls find a multitude of uses on and near the body and the variety allows us to work with our clients to provide the most comfortable and relaxing experience.



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