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Entry level Singing Bowl Educational Courses

Entry level Singing bowl educational courses are generally two days and place the students in contact with over 300 singing bowls including Hand Hammered Tibetan Bowls, Cast and machine made bowls, Therapeutic singing bowls, Antique Tibetan bowls, Frosted crystal singing bowls, Clear Quartz crystal singing bowls, Gemstone and metal fusion singing bowls, Practitioner bowls, Gemini Bowls, and more. The classes are split into Tibetan bowls on the first day and crystal bowls the second day and cover how to buy bowls, how to play bowls, how to care for your bowls and so much more. Each day is packed with information and hands on experience with the bowls. At the end of the first day a demonstration of VSM, the Vibrational Sound Massage technique will show how therapeutic bowls are used in a healing modality. The end of the second day is capped with a sound concert which wil demonstrate the pure tones of a variety of crystal bowls.



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